DevOps as a Service by Group 107

Building DevOps processes and culture. Implementing infrastructure from scratch. Helping you deliver the best product possible.

We help business grow

In many years of our experience, we have come to a simple understanding.

Our role as an offshore team is more than just “Fix this part of tech”.

In order to help you deliver best possible product, we integrate deeply with your team, leaving Developer to focus solely on code and business logic.

Rest of tasks, from branching strategies to cloud setup, rests on our shoulders.

We strive for long-term partnerships and stable results, not just moving tasks from one side of Jira to another for an hourly rate.

This makes our approach more in-house-like, rather than outsourced.

Our Services

Services that grow with your business

Technical consulting

Thanks to our diverse experience in all kinds of tech, including some of the more obscure - we are able to provide a technical consultancy on a specific technologies.

In case your team is stuck with any kind of issue on the technological stack, or you need a help in choosing the right team, our experts are here to help. We will be happy to take a deep look into your specific case, design a solution, and, after your approval - implement it on your behalf.

Our DevOps engineers are Certified AWS Solutions Architects and System Administrtors, as well as Certified Kubernetes administratiors. We also hold in-depth expertise in Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Github Actions, GitLab, Docker, and many others.

Turnkey DevOps Solutions

For companies at early stage of their lifecycle, or those going through reorganization - our company offers a setup of DevOps processes from scratch.

We will assign a dedicated team of DevOps engineers to work together with your development and product teams. They will take complete ownership over all-things-DevOps. This will include the following.

Choosing branching and release strategy: we’ll consult with your product manager and technical leadership in order to minimize your Time-to-Market, while keeping things easy for developers.

CI/CD setup: we’ll make sure that no code will go into production broken, unchecked, insecure, or even badly formatted. Oh, and no manual actions.

Infrastructure implemntation: using latest best-practices and leveraging Infrastructure-as-Code tools, we’ll describe a secure and highly available infra in cloud, leaving you in full posession of all the artifacts. Even if you decide to stop working with us - you’ll have a possibility to fire up new environment with a simple make command

Monitoring configuration: DevOps team will set the right tools in place, giving you a full transparency over your system. What, where, when, and why things happen - all in a unified dashboard. With alerting.

SRE processes: We will define all processes, related to keeping the lights on at all times: define SLAs with business, define internal SLIs and SLOs, describe incident playbooks and post-mortems, outline on-call and escalation processes, write automated incidents response scripts.

Ongoing support: helping development team to embrace best practices, arranging workshops on different parts of stack, participating in technical calls with your customers.

Cost Optimization

FinOps is hard and painful, and AWS can eat away a huge chunk of the already tight budget.

For projects of any size, we propose our services in cloud cost management.

A dedicated engineer from our team will enumerate all used resources and provide you with an exausting list of items. You’ll get complete visibility on how much all environments, customers, teams and departments are spending.

From here, we’ll propose a way to cut those costs down: what can be safely removed, what can be easily reimplemented, what can be reserved strategically, and what external tools might prove beneficial.

Depending on state of affairs, you can expect from 20% up to 80% of savings on infrastructure.

Team Extension

You need capacity quick? - We have it.

In case you have a need for a dedicated or part-time DevOps engineer, to help you solve your ongoing day-to-day tasks - our team is ready to support you.

Company wiil assign a dedicated person on your side, which will be available to you as your usual in-house team member. They will communicate thorough your corporate messaging app, track tasks and report time in your project management software, and, if required - work on your hardware. You can hire a team extension on a per-hour, per-day or per-month basis.

Certification passing

We have a deep and varied in-house expretise in passing formal certifications, such as FIPS, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Whatever stage your project is right now, we will integrate into your process and help you pass certification in shortest of terms. Our team can perform exclusively analysis of gaps and propose ways to fix, or take ownership of the complete process: from communications with QSA to the complete implementation.

Infinite Support, Unmatched Service: 24/7 DevOps at group 107

At Group 107, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled DevOps support and services round the clock, 365 days a year.
Our dedicated team of experienced engineers operates from our nearshore development center, ensuring constant availability and immediate assistance through various communication channels.

Service Features:

Services that grow with your business

24/7 Availability:

Our IT Service Desk operates seamlessly, catering to your needs day and night, ensuring uninterrupted support for your critical systems.

Maximizing Flexibility:

Our DevOps experts are equipped to undertake task implementation round the clock, aligning with your specified rates. This ensures a tailored, responsive approach to task execution, optimizing productivity and meeting your project's unique demands

Multi-Channel Access:

Reach out to us effortlessly via Phone, Email, or any service desk tools portal such as Slack, Teams, or other preferred communication platforms.

Tiered Support Model:

Our team operates on a multi-tiered support structure, ensuring swift issue resolution and escalation when needed.

Response Time:

First Touch:

<30 minutes (Messenger)

Second Touch:

<60 minutes (Email)

Third Touch:

>60 minutes (SMS or Phone Call)

Monitoring System:

Utilizing Zabbix, Grafana, Uptime Kuma, and more, our monitoring system ensures proactive management and accurate notifications for optimal system performance.


24/7 Support Model

24/7 First-Line Support
Immediate response and issue acknowledgment
Round-the-Clock Operations
Constant system and application monitoring
Basic Troubleshooting
Efficient problem resolution for common issues
Incident Logging
Comprehensive documentation of incidents for quality assurance
Advanced Technical Support
In-depth problem-solving for escalated issues
System Optimization
Proactive system enhancements and performance tuning
Direct engagement with development teams for seamless operations
Automation Initiatives
Introduction to basic automation to reduce manual tasks
Cost Optimization Analysis
Regular reviews to identify cost-saving opportunities
Strategic DevOps Consulting
Monthly sessions to align DevOps practices with business goals
Capacity Planning Assistance
Forecasting and planning for infrastructure scalability needs
Security Compliance Audits
Periodic security checks to ensure adherence to best practices and standards
Incident Analysis
Post-incident reports with root cause analysis and future prevention strategies
Performance Tuning
Tuning services for databases, applications, and server performance
Priority Escalation Paths
Prioritized issue escalation to senior engineers when needed


$ 2 000 / month
$ 45 / working hours (L1)
$ 55 / non-working hours (L1)


$ 2 500 / month
$ 45 / working hours (L1)
$ 55 / non-working hours (L1)

$ 70 / working hours (L2)

$ 90 / non-working hours (L2)
20 hours including


$ 5 000 / month
$ 45 / working hours (L1)
$ 55 / non-working hours (L1)

$ 70 / working hours (L2)

$ 90 / non-working hours (L2)
60 hours including



Handles basic user inquiries. Quickly attends to and resolves fundamental user queries.
Resolves common issues. Efficiently tackles and resolves frequently occurring problems.
Provides answers to general questions.
Offers comprehensive responses to general inquiries.
Offers instructions. Provides clear guidance and directions to users seeking assistance.
Offers solutions to the most common problems.
Addresses and resolves the most prevalent issues faced by users.
Problem-solving at initial occurrence. Addresses problems right at the outset, minimizing escalation and ensuring swift resolution.


Handles more complex and technical issues. Proficiently manages and addresses intricate problems beyond the scope of Level 1.
In-depth analysis. Conducts thorough examination and analysis of issues to pinpoint root causes.
Advanced resolution. Provides comprehensive solutions, delving deeper into technical aspects for complete issue resolution.
Expertise in specialized areas. Offers specialized knowledge and expertise in specific technical domains.
Escalation management. Manages escalated cases from Level 1, ensuring a smooth and effective resolution process.
Enhanced troubleshooting. Utilizes advanced tools and methodologies to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues efficiently.


Solves extremely complex issues. Proficiently resolves highly intricate and uncommon problems that demand specialized attention.
Specialized response. Offers tailored and specialized solutions for unique technical challenges.
Expert troubleshooting. Utilizes advanced expertise and resources to tackle complex issues effectively.
In-depth knowledge. Possesses extensive knowledge in specialized areas, enabling comprehensive problem-solving.
Architectural insight. Provides deeper understanding and analysis of system architectures for intricate problem resolution.
Innovation and adaptation. Utilizes innovative approaches and adapts to unique scenarios for successful resolution.

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At Group 107, we guarantee seamless DevOps support, maintaining the health and stability of your systems with our expert team available at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.

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